Hundreds of NE youth fall prey to rampant Internet job fraud

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim
Hundreds of youth from the North Eastern Region are seeking all possible help to recover their security deposit money from SK Placement Agency located at Delhi, Kolkatta and Punjab. They were assured of jobs at European countries as computer data entry operators, trainees for malls in Europe amidst very attractive terms and conditions of no fee for placement. This offer was on a ‘first come first served’ basis where they had to submit documents for processing for the employment letter.

The racket came to light when five Naga youths launch a complaint at Delhi Police for recovery of their money, informed Delhi IGP Robin Hibu IPS, he was more frustrated and annoyed at the youths from the region, stating that in spite of regular reports of such cheating, it seems NE youth have not learnt anything. He added that though a Police case has been recorded and investigations are underway, he was very angry and virtually scolded the youth, who could only regret and repent of the doings, and hope for the early recovery of their money.
Hibu has further expressed his frustration over the ignorance of the youth from the region, where some have even sold their mothers’ jewelry to pay the fee asked by this company.
According to Hibu, who shared the incident over social media, hundreds of youth, including females, having computer knowledge with an English speaking background were targeted. They have now formed a whatsApp group to get back their money deposited for visa fee and fake flight tickets to Europe. Around Rs 3 crore in total has been deposited by these hundreds of NE youth, who paid online for visa, passport and processing fee and other services. They were assured that their money will be refunded as part of their monthly first salary in Europe. With dreams of working in Europe, they just applied and deposited money.
The company had even sent an exact passport and visa format for applying online including the fee as charged by these countries. They had flashy offices at Delhi, Kolkata, Jullundhar with pretty ladies as consultants who even briefed the candidates personally at Delhi or by Skype and video conferencing regularly.
To the horror of the youth, SK Placement Agency closed its offices in these cities, deleted their websites and switched off all mobile phones.
As mentioned by Hibu such action of the NE youth is frustrating as they keep falling prey to such rackets. In this backdrop, no one from the state governments from the region ever made any attempt to generate employment in their respective state, except in the case of Tripura and as such there is a dearth of jobs in the region.
Most of the educated youths from the region simply aim at the government job, through reservations and quotas, not willing to accept that such white collar jobs have reached saturation point. Hence any opportunities of going abroad are being grabbed, mainly for two reasons – insecurity due to law and order and the youth do not venture into manufacturing or developing industries.
The governments from the region should now stress on job creation, either encouraging for more start-ups or inviting more for more investment both from other states and foreign countries. This invariably means that the youth need to be sensitized and have to shed the phobia of influx and intrusion of the visitors who is willing to develop the region.
Once there are job avenues, who will be willing to migrate or take up armed struggled which is one of the main worries of all state governments, as slowly most of the region are turning into an aging state to which educated youth are unwilling to return and served the society as they know that there is no opportunity for career growth if they do not get government jobs. Under such circumstances, more and more youth will surely fell prey to such placement agencies.


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