VVIPs convoy keeps involving in freak road accidents in Shillong

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim
Meghalaya Governor, Banwarilal Purohit narrowly missed being involved in an accident on August 2, 2017, in Mawiong area when the convoy was heading towards the Shillong Raj Bhavan but his security convoy was not so lucky as one of the vehicles crashed into a pick – up van resulting in injuries to five of the security personnel travelling in the vehicle. Last year Meghalaya Chief Minister, Dr Mukul M Sangma also had narrowly escape when a local taxi dashed into his vehicle in Upper Shillong while he was proceeding to Helipad.

In the case of the accident involving Meghalaya Governor, the vehicle carrying the security detail which followed the Governor’s vehicle overturned while trying to avoid a pick-up van while the convoy was coming from Guwahati to Shillong, East Khasi Hills District SP Davis NR Marak informed. He also said it seems there was an MVI checking going on at Mawiong and a Pick-up truck which was trying to evade the checking banged at the ring round vehicle and as a result the escort personnel were injured.
There are also cases that the Traffic Police Personnel are being transferred for compounding the VIP vehicles for wrong parking, or entering the No Entry zone in the past. Also the scuffle between the Defence Personnel and the Traffic Police over the Defence Rights and the Civil Law, creating commotion at the chocked High Way.  All such traffic related incidents involving the High Officials only exposed the inefficiency to manage the Traffic, while random checking of vehicles too are not professionally manned which resulted in the accident of Governor convoy.
General public in Meghalaya already lacks Traffic Culture when it comes to Parking, Honking; and over taking seems to be the Fundamental Rights of the person in the steering. In the city, during peak hours two lane road turns into multiple lanes chocking the narrow road, yet there is no action taken by the Traffic Police personnel on duty. It is a daily drama to see how the Traffic Constable clears such jigsaw maze created by the vehicle while overtaking; at this point one will surely hear the siren of either of VVIP convoy or the Ambulance.
Next comes the regular vehicular checking, either for driving license or insurance, mainly of two wheelers and commercial vehicles. It is strange to note that the underage drivers particularly for two wheelers have once again increased, whereas many are still in school uniforms, yet the traffic police do not intercept such drivers, and many of the commercial drivers too are underage or drunk, yet there is no checking except when there is overall checking.
Be it failure to maneuver the day to day traffic flow in the city, regulating the traffic rules, vehicle checking or regulating the VVIP vehicles on all working days, where general public vehicles need to be stopped to make way for the VIP, then comes the allotment of parking for the public and official vehicles in the Government office premises, it is a total disaster.
It is time to accept the truth by calling the kettle black- let the District Administration revamp the Traffic Department of the Meghalaya Police, by sending the personnel of all ranks for a crash course of Traffic Management and latter execute in the state. This will take a long way to ease out the traffic congestion in the state and also regulate the traffic flow particularly involving the VVIPs to avoid all such freak accidents in the future.


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