Kashmir needs national support as Modi fails to calm unrest

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim
The Law and Order situation of Jammu and Kashmir now seems to be affecting only the locals, as a few tourists flow to the valley to escape the heat in their respective states which in turn is evident that the militant outfits are only targeting the locals, particularly the uniformed personnel. This targeting of the locals and uniformed personnel has been intensify since last year’s killing by the security forces of Burhan Wani, the so-called poster boy of the local terror outfit Hizbul Mujahideen.
Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s belief that only Modi can solve the state’s problems has almost turned her government non functional particularly in maintaining the Law and Order. According to observers, an expectation of this nature appears unreal because militancy in the Valley has become a great deal more intense than before, making the situation “scary”, as the Election Commission has been told by the state government in the context of the Anantnag parliamentary by-election, which had to be cancelled.

The ridiculously low polling percentage of seven in last month’s Srinagar parliamentary by-poll was a disturbing sign of the erosion of popular faith in the electoral process since 2014, when the percentage in the assembly polls was 66, a 10 per cent jump from 2008.
The continuous attack by the predators aims to disturb the Law and Order situation in Jammu and Kashmir and is nothing new, the latest being a group of heavily armed guerrillas laying siege to the hostel building of the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) near Pampore town, Pulwama district, where a joint operation was launched by the army, the Special Operations Group of the state police and the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for three long days. This is the fourth attack on Indian soil since the anti terror ‘surgical strikes’ by the Indian Army on September 29, 2016, and the second siege of the same government building on February this year resulted in an operation which martyred two Army Officers, this time one Jawan received minor injuries in the leg.
According to the official sources, two militants were killed after three days of operations as on October 12, 2016, after Security forces kept on pounding the building where the guerrillas armed with rockets, grenades and automatic gunfire had held the forces at bay. The 70-room, seven-storey EDI building is located at Pampore on the banks of the river Jhelum and 12 km from the Srinagar city centre which turned into a fortress as the militants knew the construction well to turn it into a safe refuge.
In the month of February last year too, the militants had escaped operations by taking refuge in the strong room meant for machines and launched a major attack on security forces. Six persons comprising a civilian, three soldiers and two paramilitary troopers were killed then before the three militants were shot dead. This time too they were provoking the army to storm them in order to ensure a one on one face off. However, this time they were also ready for a long drawn out battle and had taken their time with calculative strategies.
One can imagine how the Indian Army and paramilitary troopers are risking their life to foil all attempts by cross-border militants to destabilize India, focusing mainly in Jammu and Kashmir, where the Law and Order in the state too is disturbed, taking advantage of the internal squabble in the Hills state, the antagonistic characters across the international border keep making attempts to infiltrate into the state to further distort Law and Order.
Adding to their advantage, the nation too was fragmented through zones and languages, worst so the Opposition Political Parties which will simply oppose any of the Ruling government schemes and projects, including the recent anti terror surgical strikes. Unless the entire nation unanimously supports the Indian Army and paramilitary troopers, the vested interest outfits will continue to attack India.
Although the Narendra Damodardas Modi government managed to take the issues to the international platform terming Pakistan as a country that sponsors terror resulting in the calling off of the SAARC meeting which was scheduled to be held in November this year. After being isolated, Pakistan is now exploring the possibility of creating a greater South Asian economic alliance to counter India’s growing hold on the eight-member South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation.
This greater South Asia includes China, Iran and the neighbouring Central Asian republics, focusing on the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as the key economic route linking South Asia with Central Asia. The Gwadar port, would be the nearest warm water port, not only for China but also for the land-locked Central Asian states.
Whereas, back home the rest of the states are apathetic towards the Law and Order breakdown in Jammu and Kashmir or cross border attacks across the international border, such attitude has fragmented the entire society. It is time that all Indians stand in one voice to extend support to fellow Indians and the Indian Army in particular, because National Politics – in its 70th year and the fruits of the Quit India Movement is yet to find a successor to steer India into absolute Freedom of Independence and unity of the citizen; Patriotism is only felt by a handful of the senior citizens, the meaning and feeling of nationalism for the youths are as varied as the Indian languages. The end result, the fragmented mandates for every successive Parliament, Legislative Assemblies, and also the local governance, mainly due to lack of vision and mission as how to take the country forward.
Worst so, the youths, especially those born post 1947, have simply inherited the Independent India, and will not even blink an eye before migrating to a foreign country; such section of the society feel that India cannot provide them anything, be it for their security or future. What could be more painful is that they feel that India should have remained under the colonial raj. This section of the citizens has nothing to give to India, they will only remain parasites till they get the Visa only to go and wash dishes abroad.
The aspirant politicians simply jump into the fray either to carry on the torch of dynasty politics while another section takes politics as an extension of their personal popularity, expansion of business and contracts. Worst is the section that jumps into the fray for political vengeance, either to carry out political vendettas or religious eminence, leaving no more room for a legislative body with vision and mission for a better India.
It seems that in India, the word patriotism is only found in books and in the dictionary and is not found in actuality. So, wake up, the nation needs right thinking people to guard it and service to the nation by standing as one India sans the fragmentation along the lines of region and language.


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