Democratically elected Kerala CM being threaten shocks the nation

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim
The unrelenting attitude of a local RSS (Rastriya Svayamsevaka Sangha) leader, Kundan Chandrawat, who made an outrageous announcement on March 02, 2017, on rewarding anyone with Rs 1 crore for bringing the severed head of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan has shoced the nation. He was reacting to the attacks on RSS and BJP workers in Kerala allegedly by CPM workers. The Kerala unit of the Congress also described the nine-month stint so far of the Vijayan government as utter failure and said that senior officials are engaged in a free-for-all among themselves.
Although various quarters are demanding Chandrawat’s immediate arrest, who is still not apologetic about his announcement, which not only shocked the world, it also exposed the degrading politicking standards of India, worst so, most have alleged that all such unethical statements are impossible without the patronage of the Ruling Government under the leadership of Prime Minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi.

Although Chandrawat has every right to claim that the Hindus no longer have the zeal of Shivaji Maharaj and that the Ruling Leftist government of Kerala is murdering democracy, he has no right to put a bounty on the democratically elected Chief Minister.
The world is keenly studying Indian politics and such remarks only exposed that the Opposition are no longer the Watchdog of the government, healthy debates and suggestions are no more the practice in the democracy. Once again we are being reminded that the recent development in the political circle has once again affirmed that the role of the Opposition, be it in Parliament or in the State Assemblies is simply to oppose whatever the ruling government proposes or implements. They will not even blink an eye in opposing even the schemes which are people-friendly. In most cases, the opposition has ceased to partake in drafting the legislations, or being the watchdog on all projects.
It is time the Election Commission of India steps in to check on all public meetings during elections. Also the general masses need to understand that it is only through votes that we can change the nation, and to decide on whom to cast their valuable vote, the public meeting is the best platform.
Hence, if the politicians are making such remarks of bad taste, it is the masses who voted them to power, in other words they have the mandate of the masses through votes.
In most cases of modern politicians, not only the words, the actions, the attitude and conduct too has had a negative impact on the repute of the nation; the masses should not expect finding patriotic spirit in politicians, qualified legislator or parliamentarians, visionaries and thinkers for the nation. It will be too much to seek, or needs to be tailor-made.
As the world is evaluating the incumbent Modi Sarkar (government), which not only focuses on developing the grassroots, women and child welfare, employment besides world trade, the coalition partners of the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government, headed by Modi, including his Human Resource Development Minister, Smriti Irani, are all people in a hurry to popularize Hinduism by imposing it at various fora including the educational institutions. The Ghar Wapsi (returning home), then the recent move to ban beef are such examples hitting the headlines from time to time.
Politician nexus with militants is one of the core issues which has severely affected the law and order situation in various states and due to the militant activities, the locations are termed as sensitive which also hampers tourism and development besides sending out the nomenclature of a disturbed area, while no one from the political parties is making any effort to change the mindset of the people for their own political gain.
Such mindset of the present day politicians in India, who are supposed to be the voice of the voiceless, is not only dividing the society, but within their respective constituencies the public is alienated within the same constituency because of political rivalry.
Surprisingly such are the people who can easily make it to the legislative assembly and even Parliament as law makers, having this mindset and thereby putting national security at stake for their individual benefit as representatives.
National Politics – in its 69th years, the fruits of the Quit India Movement are yet to find the successor to steer India into absolute Freedom of Independence and unity of the citizen; Patriotism is only felt by a handful of the senior citizens, the meaning and feeling of nationalism for the youths are as varied as the Indian languages. The end result, the fragmented mandates for every successive Parliament, Legislative Assemblies, and also the local governance, mainly due to lack of vision and mission as how to take the country forward.
Worst so, the youths, especially those born post 1947, have simply inherited the Independent India, and will not even blink an eye before migrating to a foreign country; such section of the society feel that India cannot provide them anything, be it for their security or future. What could be more painful is that they feel that India should have remained under the colonial raj. This section of the citizens has nothing to give to India, they will only remain parasites till they get the Visa only to go and wash dishes abroad.
The aspirant politicians simply jump into the fray either to carry on the torch of dynasty politics while another section takes politics as an extension of their personal popularity, expansion of business and contracts. Worst is the section that jumps into the fray for political vengeance, either to carry out political vendettas or religious eminence, leaving no more room for a legislative body with vision and mission for a better India.
It seems that in India, the word patriotism is only found in books and in the dictionary and is not found in actuality. So, wake up, the nation needs right thinking people to guard the nation and to be the mascot of Proud Indian abroad.


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