Meghalaya another Manipur and Nagaland in making as Insurgency ravages

Written by Meghalaya Times. Posted in Editorial

Thomas Lim

The recovery of four bullet-riddled bodies at two locations in the Insurgency ravaged Garo Hills exposed the total breakdown of Law and Order. It also means the kidnapping for ransom is now uncontrollable, at the same time it remain unreported. If there is any nexus between the Politicians and the militants, it also means now the outfits in Garo Hills have gone rampant and off the whip of the master.
The police recovered three bullet-riddled bodies in Oragitok village in West Garo Hills after the victims were kidnapped from other areas and gunned down by suspected militants Wednesday night. The fourth body was found on a village road in North Garo Hills.

One can also understand the fear psychosis in the society and also the district administration. On receiving the information about the dead body from Nokma (Chief) of Oragitok, the police department could not take immediate action, fearing an ambush by the Garo National Liberation Army (GNLA). The police were forced to authenticate every call; such action only reveals how the district administration is under siege by the underground outfits in Garo Hills.
The situation in Khasi Hills is not much better; recently Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC) made an open invitation to government employees to be part of its armed struggle. The outfit openly invites government employees who want to join the council as part time workers (without resigning from their jobs), immediately after they received a boost by joining of a Headmaster of a village school.
West Khasi Hills too has been greatly affected due to the armed struggle, being sandwich between Khasi and Garo Hills.
In the state of Manipur and Nagaland, all the government employees have to give away almost about 30 percent of their individual salary every month, the government schemes and projects too are being monitored by the Insurgent groups. With the call of the HNLC for Meghalaya government employee to enroll themselves for the armed struggle is turning the same situation as of the neighboring states in North East, where Underground Outfits are running a parallel government.
The Opposition members of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly are blaming the incumbent Chief Minister Dr Mukul M Sangma for giving a free hand to the outfits; hence the almost neutralized HNLC is now once again raising its head and getting stronger and stronger. In the case of GNLA the outfit is as old as Dr Sangma as the Chief Minister of Meghalaya.
Neither any political party is making an effort to prevent such armed struggle in the state. All they are concerned about is power and chair, and there is no denial that many have also taken the assistance of one of the militant groups to come to power.
The situation in Garo Hills should serve as the wakeup call for all sensible citizens in Meghalaya. The 42 year old statehood has contributed nothing by its own except the insurgency, some formed to protect the interest of the indigenous tribals, some for demanding independent state, while some are formed to streamline the system. All point towards the total failure of the democratic government. It is time for the Centre to intervene; otherwise Meghalaya is yet another state as that of Manipur and Nagaland in making of insurgency ravaged state.


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