Four Seasons wine launched in Shillong

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SHILLONG, Aug 24: Four Seasons Wines Limited (FSWL), a subsidiary of United Spirits Ltd (USL), part of the UB Group, launched its first varietal range of wines here called the Four Seasons.

An exclusive wine tasting was held in the city which introduced people to the Four Seasons range of wines.
The Four Seasons wines have been lauded by world renowned wine experts like Steven Spurrier, wine expert and editor of Decanter Magazine, Jaques Puisais, French wine expert and author, vice president and co-founder of the Institute of Taste, France, and Bruno Li Paumard, French wine expert and master sommelier.
The Four Seasons wines will leverage the distribution strength of USL and will be available across metros and mini-metros in India.
In Meghalaya, the Four Seasons Chenin Blanc white wine is priced at Rs 381 for a 750 ml bottle and Rs 191 for a 375 ml bottle. Four Seasons Shiraz red wine is priced at Rs 461 and Rs 231 and Blush at Rs 381 and Rs 191 for 750 ml and 375 ml respectively.
The UB Group has varied business interests with the core businesses being beverage alcohol (spirits and beers) and aviation.
At a time when wine consumption in India is growing at a rapid pace, the UB Groupā€™s Spirits Company ā€“ USL ā€“ has made a timely entry. The wine business operates through two companies, United Vintners Limited (UVL) and Four Seasons Wines Ltd.
While UVL will import wines from abroad to create a portfolio of wines available in different styles and price points, FSWL will produce quality Indian wines at its winery at Baramati, 65 km from Pune.
These wines will be marketed under the brand names Zinzi and Four Seasons.


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