NREGA scam at large in Meghalaya

Posted in January 2012

Staff Reporter
Nongstoin, Jan 10:
KSU, Siejlieh Unit, on Tuesday asserted that NREGA scam were happening at large in Meghalaya.
It stressed that implementing agencies were not adhering to rules and guidelines of the scheme.
Acting on certain villagers complaint, the KSU unit had recently field an RTI. Based on RTI reply, President of KSU, Siejlieh Unit, D Wannaing stated that VEC never gave any information to villagers on the scheme. The scheme is implemented only by some members of VEC and AEC, he added.
According to him, some villagers were working for 25 days but getting paid only for seven days.
Furthermore, he alleged that villagers are forced to pay bribe to VEC members to get job cards.
Interestingly, a name of dead persons also features in the work list, he claimed.
Looking at the random transgression in the implementation of NREGA in Siejlieh village, he asked what is the government doing for the benefit of the common people. 

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