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was born on July 27,2009, out of an urge to redefine print  journalism in Meghalaya. We strive to give our readers’  a perfect newspaper as far as possible. Towards this, we have employed the latest printing technologies  apart from inculcating in our reporters and sub editors the  uniqueness of thinking differently.
MEGHALAYA TIMES is a newspaper which   believes in setting new trends in reporting and informing.  We have set ourselves higher benchmarks  while competing with ourselves – daily.
MEGHALAYA TIMES is a comprehensive newspaper giving you everything – from weather to indices, news from interior Meghalaya to world capitals. All with the distinct reporting style which makes interesting reading.
It is with this clarity of thought that we have chosen the tag line “Stay informed. Stay ahead. Be with the times”.

Printed and Published by Thomas Lim on behalf of Donkupar Kharwanlang.
Editor : Thomas Lim


The Publisher/Editor
Thomas Lim


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