Regional parties in cahoots with BJP for MDC polls: Ampareen

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Staff Reporter
SHILLONG, Dec 23:  The opposition Congress has asserted that the now exposed nexus between the regional parties and the BJP in Meghalaya will work in a positive manner for the party in the forthcoming MDC elections.
Talking to newsmen, Congress leader Ampareen Lyngdoh who is also fielding her husband Fantin Joseph  Lakdong from Laitumkhrah constituency said that  NPP, UDP, HSPDP and all smaller conglomeration of regional parties are with BJP and the people are politically conscious.

She said that the people know of the nexus they share with the BJP which will help the Congress in its campaign.
She asserted that the Congress will stick to its promise of never having anything to do with the BJP.
She said that unlike the other parties who have aligned with the BJP, the Congress stands alone.
Pointing out that AICC president Rahul Gandhi feels that the politics must be changed by bringing new faces and new motivation, she said that the Congress in the MDC elections is fielding a mix of young and old candidates.
She further slammed the MDA coalition for its failure to solve the Harijan colony issue, coal mining issue and the delay in the execution of Megha Health Insurance Scheme (MHIS) and CM social assistance scheme.
Asked about MDC elections, she said that the people had asked her to contest the MDC polls after the sudden change in political situation in the constituency but she believes that she cannot hold two constitutional posts and hence the supporters selected her husband as the candidate.



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