Provoked ANVC(B) on defensive mode, cautions Govt

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Staff Reporter
Shillong, Dec 11: The ANVC(B) has claimed that the state government is deliberately trying to provoke the outfit.
Citing a case, Publicity Secretary of the outfit, Doang D Shira, said two Police vehicles doing random checking outside their camp just after they made public statement on negligence of the Government is a clear sign of open provocation and intended attempt to disrupt the festive mood of their cadres.

“Is Government planning to hunt us by scaring or is it an attempt to disrupt the festive season? State Government must stop while things are still safe; provoking will further deteriorate the situation in Garo Hills which will be Government’s fault and failure,” cautioned Shira.
He also asserted that ANVC(B) is restraining, but not weakened. “Do not attempt to over exercise power on us because we are dormant, silently waiting for something good to come to Garo Hills. If Government want to treat us like enemy, we will have to re-evaluate our stand,” he added.
Not holding back, he declared that if Government and the Police are not keen on ensuring peace this festive season and makes any attempt to come near the outfit’s camp and make the cadres feel targeted, then they will not hesitate to do what they are trained for.
“If Government is sending police to arrest our cadres, it clearly indicates Government is insincere in restoring permanent peace in Garo Hills. State police must stop provoking us. We will not be responsible if any untoward incident takes place,” he stated.
He also announced that the ANVC(B) will be on a defensive mode from now on, adding “we will not stand by to be easy targets to the corrupt policy of the Government.”



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