I will never resign from GHADC: Purno K Sangma

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Staff Reporter
“Least-bothered” about the threat by ANVC(B), Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC)’s Chief Executive Member (CEM) Purno K Sangma Friday said that he will never resign from the Council just because of the demand by a newly formed group even as he claimed that he in no way involved in any corruption practice.
“I will never resign from the Council”, Purno K Sangma told reporters who met him in front of the Chief Minister’s chamber here on Friday.
Refuting to the allegations leveled against him by the group, Sangma said, “Allegations are not at all true”.
Terming the ANVC(B)’s threat as a great challenge to democracy, the Congress MDC said, “No one will respond to such an ‘undemocratic’ threat”.
Mentionably, the ANVC(B) has sponsored an indefinite road-blockade and “Black Flag Revolution” in Garo hills, demanding for the immediate resignation of the GHADC CEM Purno K Sangma and his deputy for their alleged corruption that it claimed has drained the coffer of the district council.
According to him, there had been a demand for enquiry right from 2008 and the judicial enquiry commission has been conducting the enquiry to the district council affairs.
“The demand for the enquiry was made by the previous MDCs of the council and the commission has conducted the enquiry not because of the demand made by anybody or group”, the CEM said.
Hinting that there is no proof so far, Sangma said, “The Commission would complete the enquiry process by the end of September”.
On the council bandh, Sangma said, “Government is taking stern actions on this regard” even as he informed that three cadres of the ANVC(B) have been arrested from Tura Bazaar on Thursday while they were allegedly extorting money from traders over there.
Stating that the ANVC(B) was formed only recently, Sangma said, “We only came to know about the existence of the group after they have announced their protest”.
On the alleged taking protection from the Chief Minister, he said, “The government has to protect me and it has been protecting me from the very beginning”.
However, on asked whether that he is free from corruption, Sangma confidently replied, “Yes I am free from corruption” adding “The allegations was made by the previous MDCs not me”.
Mentionably, the previous Executive Committee of the GHADC was also headed by Purno K Sangma when he was the NCP MDC.
Meanwhile, the ANVC(B) has threatened to intensify its stir if Sangma and his deputy failed to resign from the Council.


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