Employees seize work at Commissioner of Transport office

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Staff Reporter
Registering strong protest against the highhandedness of a senior officer against a staff, the office of the Commissioner of Transport at Law – U – Sip Friday wore a deserted look as if curfew has been imposed with not a single staff right from the officer’s rank to the peon level attending office for the two days.
The reason thereof, this sudden uniform strike taken up by the staffs is to show strong protest against the alleged highhandedness of the Commissioner against one lady staff of the office. The incident took place on Wednesday (August 29).
The staffs have boycotted work on Thursday and Friday to express their strong opposition on the act exhibited by the senior officer to her subordinate staffs.
“We have boycotted work and no one is ready to join work in these two days. We have taken this step because of the highhandedness of the Commissioner against one of the subordinate employees of the office”, one of the department staffs (on request of anonymity) informed.
Sources informed that on Wednesday last, it was alleged that the Commissioner has physically assaulted one of the lady staffs after there was a misunderstanding on some work. Soon after this action of the senior officer spread which irked the working community of the office in which they unanimously decided to boycott their work.
The staffs have also demanded the senior officer to tender an apology.
The Meghalaya Times tried to enquire on this sudden strike of the staffs on Friday but could not find anybody as the office was empty with most of the rooms locked. However, only two Chaukidars were seen who were waiting there to open the office, if any staffs might turn up for work.
It was also witnessed by Meghalaya Times that most of the people coming for some work to the office had to leave empty due to non-availability of the employees there.
When the newspaper tried to speak to the Commissioner on the issue, she was not available in the office.
Meanwhile, speaking to the State Transport Minister AT Mondal on this regard, the Minister said that the incident in the department was not brought to his notice or the failure of the staffs to attend office for two days.
He however said, “I just heard rumours about what had happen but till date nobody has come forward to lodge a complaint with me”.
On the failure of the staffs to attend duty, the Minister said, “I will direct the Principal Secretary of the department to conduct a thorough enquiry into the matter” adding “I will ask him to ensure that the indifferences be resolved at the earliest to bring back normalcy in the functioning of the office”.


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