ANVC(B) declares ‘True Revolution’

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Staff Reporter
Shillong, Aug 31:
After the use of democratic means failed to yield any results for ANVC(B), the outfit has now challenged that it will not hold back any longer in getting its demands fulfilled.
Promising the state government ‘True Revolution’, ANVC(B) on Friday said “We are proud soldiers of our land, and if it is bloodshed they (government) want than we have no other option.”
ANVC(B) is demanding the resignation of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council (GHADC) Chief Executive Member (CEM) Purno K Sangma and his deputy for their alleged corruption that it claimed has drained the coffer of the district council.
ANVC(B) said it is unhappy towards the attitude of the Garo leadership (Chief Minister Dr Mukul Sangma) who has protected alleged corrupt politicians like Purno K. Sangma and his team, who had fled from Garo Hills to take shelter in Shillong.
It also apprised that ANVC(B) is being hunt and police atrocities are clearly visible in Garo Hills, accusing the Chief Minister to be responsible for all this.
It explained that ANVC(B) cadres are being hunted and their camps are being raided; and insisted that the outfit will not fight back for now.
“However, if unfortunate incidents take place and situation goes out of hand, do not hold us responsible,” it cautioned.
“We never wanted bloodshed, we never wanted conflict but if this is what Government wants than we are prepared to face the worse,” it added.
ANVC(B) also informed that it will come up with new plan of action within two days time, which will not be ‘mild’.
Declaring that the state leaders have pushed ANVC(B) to use power, the outfit asked people to be ready to face any kind of situation while reminding that its democratic paths have failed to bring a positive change.
The outfit also lamented that Garo Hills will never see the change people expect to see in their lifetime if the region continues to have the present set of representatives who apparently are submissive to their Supremos.
“Garo Hills have always witnessed the dark side of the Meghalaya’s glory due to negligence of the elected representatives. If people aspire to see a change, the power lies on the hands of the people,” it said.
“Today Council leadership has taken shelter with the higher authority, and all leaders seem to be numb on this issue. Garo Hills is yet to witness series of discrimination before the 2013 election. Any youth on the road side will be picked up and they will be framed a militant’s tag, and NGOs, human rights organization are unable make any stand,” the outfit added.


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