June 2012 ominous for UPA-II – astronomers predicted

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Our Special Correspondent
New Delhi, June 26:
At this juncture when all kind of speculations on the presidential election are doing the rounds in the corner, astronomers have predicted an imminent crisis in the UPA-II.
Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) backed presidential candidate P.A Sangma on Sunday had pointed his target on finance minister and UPA nominee Pranab Mukherjee holding him responsible for the country’s economic slowdown and invited Mukehjee to come out for a debate.
Earlier UPA – II got the hit-back when one of its allies TMC struck a discordant note and announced three names, Somnath Chatterjee, former Lok Sabha speaker, APJ Abdul Kalam and Manmohan Singh as their choice for the imminent presidential race. All these compounded a crisis in the political spectrum of UPA – II.
June, 2012 is going to be the most ominous for UPA – II bringing all the most adverse impact on the Manmohan led government, astronomers of repute have predicted this pitfall. After 243 years such a phenomenal change in the planetary positions in the Earth is expected and will cast a worse effect on the government.
They had expressed their opinion that the king of the planets – VENUS will start playing tricks and a series of unprecedented events will occur on June 4, 5, 6,11, 21, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29 to destabilize the government at the centre and the Congress party as a whole. There may be a major reshuffle at the central ministry. The astronomers had also suggested that due to a great hitch in certain planetary positions, Prime Minister may be replaced on health ground and P. Chidambaram may be inducted into the prime ministerial berth.
Sources also said that on June 2, the Sun had superseded the orbit of the Venus and the Venus will be visible as a dark spot in an opened eye, as it is moving around the Sun. Incidentally, such a miracle had been happened 81 times before 2000 BC and out of that 6 times had been recorded, the years they mentioned are 1639, 1761, 1769, 1878, 1882 and most recently in the year 2004.
Sources had laid details on how changes are taking place in the position of the Venus in the following direction 8+121.5+ 8+105.5 = 243 and that such a massive change in the position of Venus and Sun has never been occurred before, they reiterated and asserted that the next change will happen after 100 years in the year 2117 when both the two will meet each other again.   
The astronomers had reassured that not just at the central ministry, there will be a change in the public sphere as well, reversing all conventional ideas and preoccupied notions. People may pose their distrust in the Manmohan led government at the centre.
The most surprising aspect of this phenomenal change is that the solar eclipse and the change in the position of the Venus although coincidental will accrue strong adverse impact on those having a week Venus line. Whereas people whose Venus was strong but could not succeed due to that fact that either the Sun or other planets’ crisscross has overshadowed Venus, will rise to the power and prominence, the astronomers suggested. “This year Venus will become the most prominent and powerful planet in the earth,” said Shakuntala Devi, the great astronomer.
Keeping in line with the astronomer’s prediction, Mukherjee who is an extremely capable person and senior most CWC member will ascertain his position and his dream will come true. Whereas Manmohan’s position may be changed due to this planetary reshuffle. On the other side, one close aid of Rahul Gandhi assured “There will be a wholesale cleansing of the Indian Cabinet”.
It is apprehended that Manmohan may not be able to shoulder the responsibilities which this veteran leader had taken care of and to work for its implementation. 10, Janapath has already started realizing this hard fact and therefore desperate to search for an efficient replacement.
At a special meeting held at Congress president Sonia Gandhi’s residence, Manmohan acknowledged that Mukherjee’s departure for Rashtrapati Bhawan would leave a gaping hole in the Union Cabinet. 
Now, one will have to wait to see whether all these predictions by the astronomers will come true or not. 


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