Growing marginalization of NE people in metros a concern

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Shillong, Apr 30: Meghalaya Chief Minister, Dr Mukul Sangma on Monday met the Press at the Press Club of India, New Delhi expressing his concern about the growing marginalization of people from the North East India in different walks of life in the metro cities.
He said that the trend needs attention and careful consideration by all concerned including the authorities. This makes it especially important in the wake of the recent instances of suicide of a young girl in Gurgaon and death of a Manipuri youth in Bangalore.
He said the authorities of educational institutes should become sensitive to the diversity of the great country and understand its cultural and normative differences. The issue of safety, security and well-being of the students particularly in the case of students from North East who also follow a culture which others in this part of the country are less familiar with, is a matter of concern.
Dr Sangma also stated that the present situation demands a larger engagement of all the stakeholders for putting in place a system that will deter the tendency of discrimination and atrocities in institutions and universities by insensitive administration.
He said that Universities and institutions often end up ignoring the issues of safety, and a balanced development of students, due to mindless pursuit of name and money. An immediate initiative for enactment of a law which shall lay down a set of stringent guidelines for appropriately addressing the issue of security and safety of students and regulating the behaviors of the administration, authorities of institutions and universities is of urgent need.
“Instances of discrimination and atrocities have lots of negative impact and is a threat to the integration of the nation. Therefore, engaging with all the stakeholders in addressing this issue in totality is in the best interest of the country” he asserted


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